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June 12, 2010
Private party

May 1, 2010
The Seasons

April 25, 2010
Admiral Theater
West Seattle

December 11, 2009
Catherine Person Gallery

September 28, 2009
Campbell's Resort, Lake Chelan

September 11, 2009
Chapel Performance Space

June 25, 2009
Bridal Show at Rainier Chapter House

June 14, 2009
Summer Sundays in Snohomish

June 6, 2009
Third Place Books

June 5, 2009
Crossroads in Bellevue

May 8, 2009
Gala Concert with special guest Hilaro Durán
Town Hall, Seattle

March 20, 2009
D.A.R. Mansion Seattle

Feb. 9, 2009
Benham Gallery Seattle

Feb. 7, 2009
Richard Hugo House   Seattle

Jan. 30, 2009
Suyama Space    Seattle

Nov. 15, 2008
Seattle Homeschool Group Cultural Festival (private event)
Phinney Neighborhood Center, Seattle

Sept. 27, 2008
with Hilario Durán , at the
University of Victoria

Sept. 26, 2008
with Hilario Durán , at the
Chapel Performance Space

Sept. 5, 2008
Café Rozella

July 18, 2008
Fremont Abbey Arts Center
With film Vampiros en la Habana

July 16, 2008
Seattle Children's Hospital
Take Five Performance Series

June 12, 2008
Private party at Space Needle

June 7, 2008
Private party

May 10, 2008
Catherine Person Gallery
With film Yank Tanks

April 10, 2008
Chapel Performance Space
With film Mirror Dance

January 30, 2008
Café Rozella
Spanglish Potluck with Hedgebrook Institute

Admiral Theater
2343 California Ave. S.W.
West Seattle
 April 25, 2010
  concert and film

Where were you in 1942? That was the year that the Admiral Theater in West Seattle opened its doors for the first time. And the first film they screened at their 1942 premiere, "Weekend in Havana," a zany musical romp starring Alice Fay and Carmen Miranda, was shown again, this time deliciously complimented by a concert performance with
Charanga Danzón.

Charanga Danzón performed at The Seasons in Yakima

May 1, 2010 7:30PM

special thanks to Anil Kapahi for these photos
Memorable concert with Hilario Durán at Town Hall Seattle on May 8, 2009!
Also featured the Durán/Schloss/Mitri Trio

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Photo credit:  Tara Gimmer

March 20, 2009 Charanga Danzón in concert at the D.A.R. mansion on Capitol Hill

Another sold-out show!

photos courtesy of Meredith Fane

  Charanga Danzón
in action....

Charanga Danzón supported this event with a live music performance on February 9, 2009

Arts Leadership Lab Out (ALL OUT) and La Sala present an evening of networking hosted by Benham Gallery

La Sala, a collective of artists, administrators and advocates aims to increase the visibility of Latino and Hispanic artists in the region's arts landscape.

An intimate evening at Seattle's literary landmark, Richard Hugo House , on February 7, 2009

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On January 30, 2009 we had a unique event at Suyama Space -- Cuban music and a site-specific installation in the gallery by Kendall Buster.
photo credit: Beth Sellars

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There was lots of fun for all ages at the Cultural Festival (Seattle Homeschool Group) on November 15, 2008!

photo credit: Michelle Seeley

Charanga Danzón
in action....
Thanks so much to all who joined Charanga Danzón on September 26, 2008 at the

Chapel Performance Space, Good Shepherd Center

and on September 27, 2008 at the  University of Victoria 

for two wonderful concerts with the amazing Hilario Durán.

Thanks to all who made it to our Seattle and Victoria concerts with special guest Hilario Durán. It was such a thrill, and an honor, for all of us in Charanga Danzón to work with Hilario! More collaborations with him planned for the near future...
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 Charanga Danzón
entertained patrons of the
Café Rozella   September 5, 2008

Charanga Danzón

in action....

 Many thanks to all who joined Charanga Danzón on July 18, 2008 at the

the Fremont Abbey Arts Center

for a concert of beautiful Cuban music (classical, jazz, son/danzon/cha-cha-cha and dancing!) followed by a hilarious Cuban film, VAMPIROS EN LA HABANA (Vampires in Havana), directed by Juan Padron.

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The film features a hot Latin Jazz soundtrack with legendary Arturo Sandoval. This hilarious spoof of horror and gangster movies, presented in an outrageously caricatured, bawdy style reminiscent of Fritz the Cat, features Professor Von Dracula, a vampire scientist who leaves Transylvania for Cuba, where he invents "Vampisol", a potion that allows vampires to survive in sunlight. When the Professor announces his intention to donate the formula free of charge to vampires all over the world, the Vampire Mafia from Chicago and the European Union of Vampires from Dusseldorf try to muscle in and steal the formula. The action escalates crazily as an assortment of bad guys, police, vampires and other monsters, as well as our hero with his girlfriend, are all caught up in the chase. Entertaining at many levels, the film is also a clever satire of political and military tensions between Cuba and its capitalist antagonists. The film is in Spanish with English subtitles.

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Thanks to all who joined Charanga Danzón on May 10, 2008 at

Catherine Person Gallery

In Seattle         Click to download flyer

for a sold-out show!

Irene Mitri (right) with Catherine Person (Gallery owner) and David Schendel (filmmaker)

The Film: Yank Tanks
The first in-depth look into the largest, living, automobile museum in the world and its curators. Where? In Cuba, of course!
Click to hear Irene's May 8 interview on KUOW radio
Charanga Danzón

in action....

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a memorable evening of Cuban music and thought-provoking film was held in the Chapel Performance Space at the Good Shepherd Center in Wallingford on Thursday, April 10, 2008


photo credit: Irene Mitri
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Thanks to all of you who helped fill the wonderful space on April 10!
The performance generated rave reviews (click to read)...

...And even inspired poetic reflections! (click to read)

Click here to see a YouTube video of the performance

Musicians included:

Special Guest Michael Nicolella, guitar

Irene Mitri (violin), Pedro Vargas (percussion), Jim O'Halloran (flute), Ben Verdier (bass), Fred Hoadley (piano and tres), Andy Schloss (percussion).

This concert also included a special film:



Producer: Frances McElroy and Maria T. Rodriguez

Genre: Documentary 1 Episode/60 Minutes


Courtesy of Ramona de Saá Bello / ITVS

Two sisters. One passion. Romance. Revolution. MIRROR DANCE is the story of Cuban-born identical twins Ramona and Margarita de Saá, who become estranged through politics when one moves to the United States and the other remains behind. Though separated for almost 40 years, both continue to share a passion for dance. Shot in the United States and Cuba over a period of four years, the film reveals some of the complexities of the sisters' relationship: the worlds in which they live, the choices each has made and the conflicts each has endured. Set within the context of the turbulent dynamic between the two countries, MIRROR DANCE focuses on the twins' story of division, difference and ongoing efforts at reconciliation. It is a universal story that speaks to the personal pain, loss and waste that can result from international hostilities.

Looking forward to the next time,

Irene Mitri, M.M., Ed.M. -- violinist and director, Charanga Danzón

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Thanks to all who came to see/hear us at Café Rozella – the café is calling the event a “smashing success”! It was a wonderful evening, and packed (sorry to those who couldn't get in the door) and we already have requests for a cd (we'll make one soon)

We played on Wednesday, January 30, 2008 as part of "Spanglish Potluck", an evening of words and music presented by Hedgebrook, the internationally-known writers' retreat on Whidbey Island. This event took place at Cafe Rozella, in White Center (see for more details).

For this event I was so fortunate to be joined by Fred Hoadley (tres), Ben Verdier (bass), Jim O'Halloran (flute), and Andy Schloss (percussion).

photo credit: Hedgebrook

photo credit: Hedgebrook

photo credit: Hedgebrook

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